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You might think that hiring a trailer and taking rubbish to the dump yourself is the cheaper and practical option. However, there is the fuel cost, your time, and the dump fees that you need to consider.

Most rubbish removal, especially for larger renovations and clean ups, will take you more than one trip. The total cost that you will incur may be the same compared to simply hiring a trailer skip bin. More importantly, you can spend your time on other important matters when you hire a Budget Trailer Skip Bin. our bins have an opening door at the rear for easy loading. They are also open top which makes loading even easier.

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Why Choose Our Wheelie Bin Services?

Sometimes, it may seem as if it doesn’t matter which local business you hire for your waste management requirements.

However, a local company that is not serious about their business will never be able to provide you with the outstanding services and budget prices that we do. Benefits to hiring our services;​

  • Budget pricing

  • No hidden charges

  • Reliable, low cost services

  • no booking or delivery fees

Remove Rubbish in Port Adelaide Enfield With Wheelie Bins

Cleaning up your home can be quite a job. However, after that, you also need to get rid of the rubbish accumulated. Peninsula Trailer Bins offer the best Wheelie Bin Hire Waste Management service

There are times when home owners feel that they would be able to tackle the job themselves. If you attempt to undertake this yourself, it can be time consuming to deal with disposing of all of the rubbish responsibly and in line with local council rules. While you can cart all the rubbish and trash to the local dump, there are rules and regulations related to the disposal of the rubbish. This makes it necessary to hire professionals that offer Adelaide Wheelie bins.

What Can You Put In Our Bins?

We accept light general waste, green waste and recycling only

Light general waste incorporates most household waste. This is essentially any waste with the exception of Asbestos concrete, bricks, roof tiles or soil. General waste may contain green waste as long as its not heavy.

Green Waste

Green waste can contain items such as lawn clippings, branches, pruning waste and wood. Green waste is any organic waste that can be composted.

Recycling Only

This contains all items that are recyclable like paper, cardboard, magazines, bottles, jars and cans.

Our trailers are designed to accommodate and carry general household waste and not the heavy loads. This means anything can go in provided its not hazardous and unsafe , and provided by law. Flammables and Asbestos are strictly prohibited.

For more information please contact EPA or your local council.

Dirt, rubble, sand ,rocks and soil to be discussed prior for special pricing.

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What We Do

We cover most of Adelaide's metropolitan area including the Port Adelaide Enfield area , which means we can get a trailer bin to you quickly and efficiently.

In most cases a wheelie bin is delivered on the same day.

Our bins are made for general waste, which means anything except heavy waste such as concrete, dirt, bricks, and rubble. We do not take hazardous waste such as asbestos or synthetic chemicals.

As our bins are transported on trailers and are towed with a ute and a load limit of 1 tonne. Any heavy building demo waste overloads them, making them unsafe to tow.

Dispose Responsibly:

We do our best to stay environmentally friendly by ensuring your wastes are disposed of in the correct manner.

The safe handling and management of waste is one of our primary responsibilities.

All waste collected by us is transported to EPA licensed disposal facilities. These facilities are accredited by government and the Environmental Protection Agency to dispose of waste according to approved guidelines.

Better For The Environment

The environment is important, and we should offset modern day living with care for the valuable and delicate nature of our planet's assets.

Considering this our business model was designed to minimise the impacts on our eco system.

We utilize less fuel due to our vehicles that are more eco-friendly. As a result we produce minimal greenhouse gas pollution than skip bin trucks.

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3.5 Cubic Metre Mobile Trailer Skip Bin Hire

Light/household mixed General waste - $260 Max weight 500kg

Heavy/building mixed general waste -$300 Max weight 1000kg

Green waste - $200 Max weight 500kg

No concrete, dirt, rubble or bricks

7 day hire - delivered and picked up

Extra charges will apply for overweight and overloaded bins


Extra day hire - $30

Tyres - $40

single mattress - $40

double mattress - $50

Wheelie Bin Hire Pricing

240 Litre 7 day hire Monthly Hire*

Green Waste $60 $40

General Waste $60 $40

Recycling Only $40 $30

660 Litre

Green Waste $110 $80

General Waste $110 $80

Recycling Only $55 $50

1100 Litre

Green Waste $200 $120

General Waste $200 $120

Recycling Only $100 $70

*Bins exchanged monthly with clean bins

*Minimum 2 month hire period

*No lock in contracts

No extra charges

Free delivery

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